Important Update! Warning: This Contains a Lot of Rambling, and Teen (?!?!) Angst

Right now I’m sitting in my closet, on the floor, half in tears, because I can not figure out what to wear, or what to write, and that is LITERALLY the most stressful thing in the world for a TECHNICALLY-NOT-A-TEENAGER with a blog.  Oh, and guess what else?!?!  To add to all that, IT’S ALL MY FAULT!


Last summer I think it was, I was somewhat of an IDIOT, and deleted everything that didn’t fit my ideal version of fashion and style, and basically I just went like CRAZY WITH THE DELETE BUTTON.  I lost quite a few posts that summer, and I kinda wish I hadn’t deleted everything, because those were some of my most popular posts, and I gained the most followers from some of them.


But you know, I”M A DRAMATIC ONE, and if it didn’t get likes, and it didn’t get comments, it didn’t get to stay on my blog pretty much.  I don’t really know what my reasoning was, that was a WHOLE YEAR AGO, and I choose not to dwell on the past.  JK!!  I don’t choose, I FORGOT, and I’m not really digging up those thoughts.


Plus I REALLY DON’T CARE.  Anyway I deleted stuff, and ever since then I’ve been on some “diet” type thing, I don’t know what you’d call it.  But I just didn’t post anything that didn’t relate to fashion.  And there was SO MANY COOL THINGS I wanted to post on my blog, that were so cool, and I wanted to talk about them.  So I tried starting other blogs, and that just meant more work, and I was already not in the mood to blog on one topic sometimes.  So another one…  Yeah that was kind of out the question.


I tried it.  Some of you may know I made one last summer, then I started a baking blog, but they didn’t really work out.  Mostly because I’M LAZY. But…. Yeah.


I’ve decided I will not limit myself to fashion anymore, because that’s not the only thing I’m interested in anymore, and it used to be, but it’s not.  END OF DISCUSSION!  “And that’s all I have to say about that.” -Forrest Gump


Yeah…  See, I’m into movies, and books, and quotes, and writing, and I’ve always been interested in writing.  If you couldn’t tell I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING ON MY BLOG.  Everything I post is pretty long.  I usually write a lot more than I post, then go back and DELETE IT because it’s too long.


I’M GOING TO STOP FILTERING MY POSTS  because I am Style Stalker, and literally it’s love, or hugs and kisses, Style Stalker, so it’s like I’m writing a letter to you.  And um…  I’m going to be myself in these letters and myself is so much more than fashion, it’s….  It’s Clothes, but that has been stressing me trying to write about clothes, when I OBVIOUSLY don’t care as much as I did before.  Because now I’m interested in other things now, and I can’t spend all my time on clothes, and trying to do that, and TRYING TO IMPRESS EVERYONE IS STRESSING ME.  And I would purposely not post on my blog, because I knew if I tried to sit down and write something, I wouldn’t think of anything.  And if I did I would delete it, because I didn’t think it would go over well, I’m kind of done with that.


I’m not blogging for people anymore, I’M BLOGGING FOR MYSELF. And I think that would help my blog a lot, because I’m a pretty weird a person with a lot of voice and passion.  I make RANDOM SOUNDS when I want to, when I was little I put WATERMELON ON MY TOAST, and I thought it tasted really good.  Um…. What else?  I have like 25 journals, and I never finish them because I buy a new one because it’s cute.  I have to FORCE MYSELF NOT TO BUY THINGS.


And I know this is XO Style Stalker, but I can talk about so much more.  I AM SO MUCH MORE!

-XO Style Stalker

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What have you discovered from your blog?  What weird habits do you have?

6 thoughts on “Important Update! Warning: This Contains a Lot of Rambling, and Teen (?!?!) Angst

  1. That indeed was quite a bit of rambling but that got me literally rolling on the floor laughing. Haha! Good vent out and good you are expanding! Waiting for non-fashion posts 🙂

    Watermelon and toast really? O.o 😛 haha!


  2. The reason or was quite so long and had so much voice was because instead of typing, I record everything like I’m talking to a friend. Then I type everything out.

    Glad it was funny and you enjoyed it. More to come soon.

    And yes, watermelon and toast was Quite good when I couldn’t figure out what to eat a long time ago. I haven’t tried it anytime soon, and don’t think I will.


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