Midnight Hot Chocolate Runs

Somehow every night I end up the last one awake, and it makes no sense, because I can go to bed at 1:30 (thanks to watching my new favorite 8-season TV show Bones, on Netflix) and still get up at 9:30.  Which is really weird because it’s summer and I don’t have to wake up early, but I did anyway.

That’s pretty off topic.  So I go downstairs, running as fast as I can, because I watch so many murder investigation shows, that walking alone at night scares me.  Especially since the ceiling lights went out in my room, so I have to get that fixed.
And I don’t know how to use my mom’s K-cup, fancy coffee machine, you know what I’m talking, about, the one everyone has.  Well she didn’t teach me how to use that, and I would get in a lot of trouble if I broke it, so I use the old-fashioned method, of a microwave, and some water, and a little package of powdered hot chocolate that you rip open.

Then you’re gonna think I’m weird if you don’t already, but I put cinnamon in my hot chocolate, because it just smells like Christmas. And yes, I know Christmas doesn’t have a set smell, but it just smells like really wintery, and Christmassy, and holiday timey.

Sometimes when I wanna get really fancy I’ll sneak around like a ninja in the kitchen, to find cinnamon sticks.  I don’t do it too often, because I don’t really end up doing anything with them.  They kinda just sit there for photo taking opportunities, to make me look all fancy smancy.  Also, it wasn’t really midnight, it was like 10 o’clock, but midnight hot chocolate sounds a lot better than 10 o’ clock hot chocolate runs.  So…  Um…. I kinda lied, but 10:30ish is around midnight.  Not really, but whatever.
So yeah, it always starts out like that, with me just sitting in my bed reading a book, or watching Netflix, wondering how I’m ever going to get through 8 seasons of 45 minute episodes before the summer is over.  And that was the book I just got that day, “Paper Towns” by John Green, he’s
also the guy that wrote the “Fault in Our Stars,” which was totally over-rated, but that’s for another time.


So I just keep drinking and drinking, because I’m not one of those people who likes ‘cold chocolate.’  Yet, I really hate burning my tongue, so I get some crushed ice out of our water, ice, fridge, dispenser thing, and dump that in the mug before I drink it.  That’s so I can repeatedly sip, without repeatedly burning my tongue.


And by the end of the night, there’s always a ton of marshmallows left because instead of getting the mini fake marshmallow things my dad brings home from work, I get real marshmallows, and they don’t really dissolve in warm beverages, like the fake ones do.



I quite enjoy my bug mowl, mowl bug, mug bowl, I can’t talk today, it has little dogs on it, and I have ones with cats too.  It’s really big and shallow, but it’s really wide, so it’s like a combination 2-in-1 thing.  So tell me if you have midnight snacks, or hot chocolate runs, or coffee runs.  They’re probably really bad  unless you need to stay awake.  Tell me what you are doing at midnight or right before you go to bed.

-XO Style Stalker



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