Steal her Style Ariana Grande pt. 2

Last summer I was introduced to a darling little site called ‘Steal her Style.’  It’s pretty much what’d you’d expect, so there’s no need to explain.  But it’s really fun to look at when you’re crushing on a celebrities wardrobe.

That’s when Ariana Grande comes in.  While she also has some ridiculously crazy outfits, which celebrities don’t?  But most of the time her clothes are actually quite cute.  So, I tried to pick out some pictures you can actually try to recreate.  Not her footy pajamas ( which you should honestly never wear out the house), and other things like that.


All photos came from Steal her Style.  I don’t own any of the pictures above or below.

Ariana has somewhat lost the nerdy style she had last summer, but she’s a LOT more famous now, so it make sense.  I really do love the dress, which seems just a teeny weeny bit geeky, and the simplicity, yet creativeness of this outfit.


Usually I’ve been told to never wear all black.  I do it anyway, but usually I add colorful jewelry to tone it down.  Or is it up?  Back to the point, I didn’t think it was possible to look girly in all black, but apparently it is.


Instead of nerdy, I think Ariana Grande has a more vintage/retro style going on.  In black and white this whole thing seems to be happening in the poodle skirt time period. And if you know even the slightest things about me, you’d know I love and cannot resist polka dots.  So that pretty much explains just about everything.


Once again, more nostalgia for me.  I’ve always loved platform boots, but I would have never thought of wearing it with a sweater.  Let alone a sweater dress.  But I guess that’s Ariana Grande for you.  She must think pants are over-rated.


This shirt is perfect for me.  If you ask anyone I know, you’d find out that I almost never stop talking.  But if  had to give out 2nd place to nything in the outfit, it would have to be the bag.  I’d like it more in a darker pink color, instead of the almost cream, but overall it’s a really nice bag which would fit all the many things I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO CARRY AROUND;)

-XO Style Stalker

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker


Lessons from Lauren: How to Shop (Part 2)

Chere Readers,

I found the Lauren Conrad book my mother happened to buy a long time ago and thought I should do something on my blog with it.  I wanted it to be fairly simple and easy, and last for at least a week.  This actually lasted for months because I said I would continue it, but that never actually happened until now.  Here’s the first lesson.  What I happened to be doing is summing up the tips taught in this book and posting it here.


Disclaimer:  I take no credit for the lessons taught in this series.  All of these tips and tricks came from Lauren Conrad in Lauren Conrad Style.

Have a Plan

  • What you’re looking for
  • Where to look
  • What to wear when you shop


What to Wear

  • Comfy shoes
  • Skirt or dress (no jeans)
  • Tank top layer

Shop alone so you are not influenced by someone else’s style and decisions.

Department Stores and Mass Chains

  1. Walk around the store
  2. Grab what caught your eye (instinct)

Dressing Room

  • Bring many sizes
  • Appropriate order
  • Hardest pieces first (dresses & jeans)
  • Prioritize trying on favorites
  • Move to see how it feels

Avoiding Impulses

  • When buying key pieces buy as much as you need (no regrets)
  • Lots of SMALL numbers=BIG number
  • “Do you really need it?”
  • Don’t buy because price is right

Trend Testing

  • Before you splurge on trends test-drive it
  • Get budget friendly option (knock off)
  • If you LOVE it splurge

Coach 1

What are your shopping tips?  Tell me in the comments!!!!

-XO Style Stalker

Sophia Webster vs Nasty Gal

You know being a fashion blogger and all, I love designer clothes.  And bags.  And shoes.  And pretty much everything else they make.  But there’s no way I can afford all the things I swoon over!  But I can afford the knock-offs.

Sophia Webster.  You’d know I love her if you checked out my “Sophia Webster Obsession” post.  I’ve got it pretty bad.  But of course I could never afford her almost $500 bags.  At least not in this lifetime.  But this Nasty Gal knock-off is almost $50.  That’s a HUGE difference!

Sophia Webster



The Audrey Hepburn Guide to Fashion (Part 1)

I already told those of you who read my first guide to fashion (Marilyn Monroe) what this was, and how I do it. Basically I take a picture of a fashion icon, and her clothes, then write a tip based on what she’s wearing.  In first person point of view of course.  This series will continue as long as I can think of tips.  Because my series posts were very popular.  But out of the three I’ve done(including this one) I’ve finished 2!  Technically that’s an F!  66%!  Whoops!  If you want me to do a guide to fashion from someone else, let me know in the comments please!


Audrey_Hepburn_63153523_large (2)

Courtesy of

Tip: (imagine this in a classy accent)

If a lady must travel to the beach it is not an excuse to dress anything less than fabulous.  There are cover-ups and sunglasses.  Hats and sunglasses.  Waterproof makeup and beach bags.  Dramatic makeup is always necessary, and the beach is not an exception.  I personally recommend dark eyelashes with lighter summer colors for the warmer months.  And of course, a floppy hat.  Those are always unavoidable at the coast.

How did I do?  Want any more guides to fashion?  Tell me in the comments!  You know you want to…

-XO Style Stalker

The Apple of My Eye

I’m kinda definitely in love with shopping right now.  It’s official, I am a shopaholic.  Right now it’s mainly jewelry I’m stalking.  But you never know, my obsessions could quickly grow to clothes and even shoes.  The only downside to this is my allowance is quickly disappearing.

I think it would be best for me and my money if I obsessed over things I can’t afford.  This way I am not even considering buying them. Actually, I am considering buying them, but I know it is never going to happen.  (Some are really big purchases for everyone, and some are just really expensive for people without a job, namely me.)  It’s essentially the same thing.

So I present to you, the apples of my eye(s).

Dr. Martens Vintage Rosy Softy Low Lace Boots  ($130)

Dr. Martens Vintage Rosy Softy Low Lace Boots

Sway Chic 'Treat Yo Self' Necklace ($14)

Sway Chic ‘Treat Yo Self’ Necklace ($14)

Sway Chic 'Jelly Bag-Baby Spice' ($32)

Sway Chic ‘Jelly Bag-Baby Spice’ ($32)

Sway Chic 'Neon Flux Statement Necklace' ($16)

Sway Chic ‘Neon Flux Statement Necklace’ ($16)

Choies 'Cherry Charm Necklace' ($14)

Choies ‘Cherry Charm Necklace’ ($14)



Choies 'Masquerade Mask Necklace' ($14)

Choies ‘Masquerade Mask Necklace’ ($14)

Choies 'Multicoloured Stripe Clutch Bag with Bow Lock Top'

Choies ‘Multicoloured Stripe Clutch Bag with Bow Lock Top’ ($50)

Choies 'Purple Backpack With Alloy Horse Decorate' ($40)

Choies ‘Purple Backpack With Alloy Horse Decorate’ ($40)

-XO Style Stalker

Overconfident Ladies, OOTD, and The World’s Fanciest Toilets

I happened to go to the gym today, which was not much fun.  I only did the bikes because I was actually too lazy to get up, wipe off the bike, and find something else to do(classic me).  So instead I pedaled to the beat of the 5 songs I actually like on my phone.

Cheese statue inside Kraft

Cheese statue inside Kraft

At the gym I saw someone wearing a cute outfit after they had gotten out of the shower, but I was too nervous to ask to take a picture.  I really need to work on my street style, because I’m getting no where.

Separate solid and liquid waste disposal.  WOW!

Separate solid and liquid waste disposal. WOW!

Separate solid and liquid waste disposal.  WOW!

Separate solid and liquid waste disposal. WOW!

I had somewhere to be right after the gym, so I showered there which is never fun.  I hate the possibility to walk in on someone in  the little changing rooms with no locks, or the chance for someone to walk in on me.  Plus, seeing a bunch of overconfident ladies in the mirror while I’m washing my hands is never fun, (if you know what I mean).


You know that wonderful place that kept me from riding a stationary bike for 2 hours, yah, well that was a picnic.  I think.  Not a sit on the grass with a red and white checkered blanket and basket full of food picnic.  More like a BBQ at my dad’s job.  He works at Kraft, which if you didn’t know makes that food in a box.  Sorry, that’s pretty much everything people eat nowadays.  Let me narrow it down a little.

Statue outside of Kraft

Statue outside of Kraft

They own…

  • Planters company(nuts)
  • Oscar Mayer (hot dogs)
  • Individually, gross,  pre-packaged cheese slices
  • World-famous macaroni and cheese in a box

They used to own…

  • Nabisco (Chips Ahoy and Oreos)

What a step down!!!

Anyway, that’s just what happened today.  Hope you enjoyed my pictures and OOTD.  I know I had fun taking them.

-XO Style Stalker

Street Style; Changing the Fashion Industry Forever

Dear Readers,

I’ve been wanting to do a controversial blog post here lately. Being stuck at home after an allergic reaction seems as good a time as ever.  So if you couldn’t already tell from the title, I’m going to compare and contrast street style, and possibly pushing your buttons.  I want some comments!Hopefully, some of my readers take street style pictures, because that would make the discussion great.  At the end, I’ll tell you which side I agree with.

Street Style Changes Fashion for the Better

  • Provides outfit inspiration for “normal” people
  • Puts small cities on the “fashion map”


  • Don’t have to buy magazines to see original outfits
  • Blogs/Websites have real people and outfits unlike magazines
  • Clothes are affordable, and easy to recreate
  • People have flaws, and aren’t perfect

Street Style Changes Fashion for the Worse

  • Street style photographers crowd the streets of fashion shows


  • Popular bloggers sell their pictures to websites and magazines, where they can be edited
  • Pictures are usually only taken during fashion week
  • No one looks for original outfits because everyone dresses perfect for fashion week
  • Online magazines have so many pictures to choose from, pro photographers are getting paid less
  • There are so many street style only bloggers it’s hard to get recognized

Of course, there are always pros and cons to every controversial topic.  Otherwise it’s not controversial.  Quite accidentally, I put an even number of pros and cons.  But I think some issues are bigger deals than others.  The cons have some pretty big points, but street style just seems like so much fun, so I choose street style changes fashion for the better.  In fact, starting this summer, I could possibly be doing street style.


Style Stalker

Don’t forget to comment which side you’re on, and why!