Important Update! Warning: This Contains a Lot of Rambling, and Teen (?!?!) Angst

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School is Fun… When It’s Over OOTD

Chere Readers,

Hello!  I had two OOTDs for you today.  And no, I do not wear more than one outfit a day.  I simply couldn’t get my ‘photographer’ to take my picture before her bedtime yesterday.  But then my other ‘photographer’ didn’t feel like taking a picture of what I wore yesterday again.  So maybe tomorrow!  Just a sneak peek into my personal life.  But anyways…. My outfit.




PicMonkey Collage

I’m ready for summer to come!  (Who isn’t)?  So I went down to my basement, and dug out a crop top I happened to have, to create this OOTD.  I plan to do more summer-turned-winter outfits, so definitely look out for that.  Anyways, this crop top says School is Fun on one side, and When it’s Over on the back.  It’s a summer shirt, so of course, I had to add my infamous pink sweater.  I added a plain black tank top underneath, and some normal skinny jeans.  It happened!  I wore the Converse I just got!  To accessorize I threw on my Topshop necklace (which I don’t know how to explain), some old silver bangles, a DIY bracelet, and some pink guitar earrings I bought when I was about 8 or 9 with my saved up allowance from H&M???   I was eight, give me a break;)

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker

Oscars 2014: The Great

Chere Readers,

While I don’t enjoy actually watching the Oscars, they’re quite boring, (yes I know I’m weird), I do like looking at pictures of the fashion afterwards.  And it is truly fun to look at celebrities and judge their outfits. Even my 6 and 7 year old sisters enjoy laughing at the stars wearing ridiculous outfits.  But because I now realize how much criticizing people and their fashion choices can do to people(thanks to the great place known as middle school), I will not be doing the bad.

Oscars Collage

Photos Courtesy of Vogue

Emma Watson:

Emma Watson always looks great in what she is wearing.  Today is no exception.  She is an obvious MMGF (Marilyn Monroe Guide to Fashion) reader;) as she added a pop of color to a dark outfit.  I quote myself from the post:

A lady shall always add a bright pop of color to an otherwise monochrome outfit.  While any color works, I highly believe red is the best suitable hue for any lady with a level of sophistication and class.

And who couldn’t love this dress, while not adventurous or daring, it’s certainly stylish.  But I might be a bit biased, I’m quite the Harry Potter fan!

 Jennifer Garner:

I love the little flapper dress tribute.  The layered fringe, seem like thin strand of sequins.  Quite pretty in my opinion.  But a splash of color would have been great too.  (I couldn’t help myself).

Sandra Bullock:

I really enjoy some well done draping.  It adds detail, it’s gorgeous, and for some reason it seems like it brings a good dress to a great dress.  I guess that’s true, because imagining this dress without the draping seems like a school dance thing, not Oscar ready at all.

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker


My Personal Shopper Skills (Naf Naf)

Chere Readers,

I’m all for collaborative and guest posts.  So of course, I’d love to do my first collaborative post as a little present for you guys on behalf of my blog’s belated half birthday.  Cue Morgan Etoile, a loyal follower, and commenter on my blog.

We have decided to try out our personal shopper skills for this little feature.  I will be styling an outfit for Morgan Etoile, using the French boutique Naf Naf.  You can see Morgan Etoile’s outfit for me here.  Be sure to take to a look at it, then finish reading this post.

I present to you my outfit for Morgan Etoile. Drum roll please…





I went for a very dainty, girly type look here.  I picked a lace dress, which is in a gorgeous creamy white color, because I know Morgan Etoile liked the lace of one dress on her blog.  Every shoe she seems to pick is heeled ankle boot.  And personally, with the black shoes there needed to be some sort of black on the dress for me.  So I’d pair the black bow belt, where that strip of white is on the dress.  Lastly, the pop of color a small pink bag!

How are my personal shopper skills?  If you’d like to do a collaborative post with me or a guest post, leave something about it in the comments.

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker

Are UGGs UGGly?

Chere Readers,

At my school I’ve observed some trends.  There are some pretty basic ones, like Justice yoga pants, and then there are the backpacks.  And when I say backpacks I don’t mean the organizational ones with pockets, and zippers, and sleeves to hold pencils and pens.  No I mean the ones with the big flap on the top and a buckle.  I’ll admit, some are stylish.  Yet they’re not exactly functional for school.

And the UGGs.  Don’t get me started on the UGGs.  The original brown and black boots are fine.   But when you start adding sequins, and tie-dye, and multiple colors, that’s when it gets crazy.  I don’t mean to sound snobbish, but wearing the same type of outfit every day is quite boring.  And plain.

So there are these backpacks:

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The Grammy Awards 2014: The Good, the Bad and the Great

Chere Readers,

While I don’t enjoy actually watching the Grammy Awards, they’re quite boring, (yes I know I’m weird), I do like looking at pictures of the fashion afterwards.  And it is truly fun to look at celebrities and judge their outfits. Even my 6 and 7 year old sisters enjoy laughing at the stars wearing ridiculous outfits.

untitled (6)

Katy Perry:

Katy Perry has her crazy moments in terms of fashion.  But sometimes she actually finds a way to wear something normal, like in this case.  But anyhow, I really love how classy this outfit is.  She looks like a princess.  The white silhouette is truly simple, but the music notes make it truly Katy Perry.  Her natural makeup with dramatic hair balances it all out.  I give it a 9/10

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