Reading my blog is your choice, and I hope you make it.  But any tips, tricks, and advice taken from and/or read on my blog is read at your own risk.  If you don’t agree to these aforementioned, and further terms, I discourage you from reading my blog, but if you enjoy fashion, I think you should just bear with me and my many many rules.

Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise noted, all content I publish on my site is mine.  Unless you use the reblogging wideget for WordPress users, you may not copy and reproduce my material without my permission.  I do work very hard on this sight you know. If you would like to reproduce my material contact me here.  A link back to my blog must be provided on any interviews, press releases, feautures, and collaborations I participate in.

Guest bloggers must and do take full credit and responsibility for anything they contribute to this site. I do my best to oversee anything they publish, but I cannot rewrite everything for them.  I am also not responsible for any comments written by others on my blog.  If anything is offensive I do my best to take it down, but not everything catches my attention.

Hold Harmless

Even though I do my research, with the company of cookies and hot chocolate, I cannot and will not guarantee complete accuracy of any information on this blog.  Any products, deals, warranties, prices, or availability of anything mentioned may be out of date, so I recommend you check the links provided to verify anything I say.

This is especially true on a blog such as mine, when coupons and/or deals expire, products go out of stock, or when companies go out of business.  So it’s especially important you check the links.  You wouldn’t want to get all excited about a new bag or dress only to find it’s sold out, or $100 more.

Privacy Policy

I will not sell any personal or contact information given to me accidentally or on purpose through my blog.  I understand you all, I hate spam too.  I pinkie promise not to sign any of you up for any third party services.

But I am not responsible for any third party services, WordPress, or blog commenters taking the emails you use to comment and spamming you.

Reserve Rights

I am allowed to change the focus and topic of my blog, though I don’t think it will every change completely.  I can also move to a paid platform, or self-host my blog if I choose.  I only hope you continue reading XO Style Stalker if I do.  I can also sell my site, give it away, or change my terms of use.

I also reserve the right to delete or edit any comments submitted to this blog if I choose to.  Any comments marked as spam will most likely be deleted.  If not I reserve the right to take out any links, words, or emails in this comments.

Sponsored Posts

As of June 2, 2014 any sponsored posts will be marked by a * in the title.



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