Summer Night In: Create, Read, Apply, and Wear


I was reading one of my favorite blogs and I saw a post that was really cool and fun to read as a viewer and a blogger.  It seemed like a lot of fun, but finding the time to do it was very hard.  I know it’s summer and I should have all the time in the world, but I just don’t.  Anyway, the post was a “Girls’/Summer Night In,”  which could easily be a tag, as it’s very fun to do and customize.  So I present to you…  My summer night in!


To Wear: PJ Top (Forever 21 Girls)//PJ Bottoms (xhilaration)

While I’m rocking out to some of my favorite songs I like to be nice and comfortable so I put on my loosest attire… Pajamas!  The shirt is not actually from Los Angeles, though I have been there, and I miss the hot weather.  It’s actually a really loose t-shirt. Cute, right?  The pants are absolutely adorable, I mean come on, there’s polka dots.  Plus, they’re cotton, so it’s perfect for cooler summer nights.



To Apply: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser//3-in-1 Acne Treatment//Acne Defense Face Lotion//Oil-Free Moisture//Power-Cream Wash//Baby Lips Sunscreen//EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm

I have quite an intense skin care routine.  It involves quite a variety of masks, moisturizers, facial washes, lotions, and lip balms.  Right now I really like the Baby Lips Sunscreen Chap Sticks.  They’re perfect for the pool.  But when I’m not using that I’ve been loving my EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm.  Trust me, they may be expensive, but they’re worth every penny.  To keep my face soft and acne free I really enjoy the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Set.  It really does do everything it says.




To Do: Strathmore Sketchbook//Sharpie Fine Point//Bic Mark It Ultra Fine Point

I’ve been seeing these quote/lyric art pictures all over the internet now, and I decided to try some of my own.  I used my fancy smancy sketchbook from Christmas, and used the words from songs I’ve been loving.  And of course, you can’t use just any markers.  I had to use my favorite Bic markers.  They have a super thin point, perfect for drawing and outlining, making them my favorite markers ever.  And when I get tired of that I like to use transparent pictures and banners from Tumblr to make collages.  That’s how I made my header and the picture above.


 To Read: The Fabulous Girls’ Book//Twelve O’ Clocke

I’ve always loved this book, even though I got it for Christmas when I was younger.  Maybe 2 or 3 years ago.  It has a bunch of DIYs, crafts, style tips, and advice.  It’s a fun read if you’re looking for something to do on a lazy Sunday.  It even has projects for a girls’ night in.  But if I’m not in a book reading mood, I like to read blogs.  Particularly Gabrielle Noone’s Twelve O’ Clocke.  It’s what inspired me to start embroidering.  If you’d like to see a post about that, comment below.

See you soon!





Steal her Style Ariana Grande pt. 2

Last summer I was introduced to a darling little site called ‘Steal her Style.’  It’s pretty much what’d you’d expect, so there’s no need to explain.  But it’s really fun to look at when you’re crushing on a celebrities wardrobe.

That’s when Ariana Grande comes in.  While she also has some ridiculously crazy outfits, which celebrities don’t?  But most of the time her clothes are actually quite cute.  So, I tried to pick out some pictures you can actually try to recreate.  Not her footy pajamas ( which you should honestly never wear out the house), and other things like that.


All photos came from Steal her Style.  I don’t own any of the pictures above or below.

Ariana has somewhat lost the nerdy style she had last summer, but she’s a LOT more famous now, so it make sense.  I really do love the dress, which seems just a teeny weeny bit geeky, and the simplicity, yet creativeness of this outfit.


Usually I’ve been told to never wear all black.  I do it anyway, but usually I add colorful jewelry to tone it down.  Or is it up?  Back to the point, I didn’t think it was possible to look girly in all black, but apparently it is.


Instead of nerdy, I think Ariana Grande has a more vintage/retro style going on.  In black and white this whole thing seems to be happening in the poodle skirt time period. And if you know even the slightest things about me, you’d know I love and cannot resist polka dots.  So that pretty much explains just about everything.


Once again, more nostalgia for me.  I’ve always loved platform boots, but I would have never thought of wearing it with a sweater.  Let alone a sweater dress.  But I guess that’s Ariana Grande for you.  She must think pants are over-rated.


This shirt is perfect for me.  If you ask anyone I know, you’d find out that I almost never stop talking.  But if  had to give out 2nd place to nything in the outfit, it would have to be the bag.  I’d like it more in a darker pink color, instead of the almost cream, but overall it’s a really nice bag which would fit all the many things I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO CARRY AROUND;)

-XO Style Stalker

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker

The Audrey Hepburn Guide to Fashion (Part 1)

I already told those of you who read my first guide to fashion (Marilyn Monroe) what this was, and how I do it. Basically I take a picture of a fashion icon, and her clothes, then write a tip based on what she’s wearing.  In first person point of view of course.  This series will continue as long as I can think of tips.  Because my series posts were very popular.  But out of the three I’ve done(including this one) I’ve finished 2!  Technically that’s an F!  66%!  Whoops!  If you want me to do a guide to fashion from someone else, let me know in the comments please!


Audrey_Hepburn_63153523_large (2)

Courtesy of

Tip: (imagine this in a classy accent)

If a lady must travel to the beach it is not an excuse to dress anything less than fabulous.  There are cover-ups and sunglasses.  Hats and sunglasses.  Waterproof makeup and beach bags.  Dramatic makeup is always necessary, and the beach is not an exception.  I personally recommend dark eyelashes with lighter summer colors for the warmer months.  And of course, a floppy hat.  Those are always unavoidable at the coast.

How did I do?  Want any more guides to fashion?  Tell me in the comments!  You know you want to…

-XO Style Stalker

OOTD: Colors of the Rainbow!!!

I’m here with yet another post about me and my style.  They’re very popular among you, and very easy for me.  Today I wore a solid black jumper with a belt.  It’s one of those annoying ones that doesn’t actually cinch the waist.  Instead of a boring black outfit I wore a purple Kate Spade purse, and lots of colorful jewelry.








So what do you think?  Here I wore one of my oldest pieces of jewelry.  It’s not very well used though, so I jump at the chance to wear it.  I wore a bracelet from Valentines Day, and a bunch of other bracelets from my birthday.  To top it all off some earrings from Topshop and sandals.

-XO Style Stalker

Overconfident Ladies, OOTD, and The World’s Fanciest Toilets

I happened to go to the gym today, which was not much fun.  I only did the bikes because I was actually too lazy to get up, wipe off the bike, and find something else to do(classic me).  So instead I pedaled to the beat of the 5 songs I actually like on my phone.

Cheese statue inside Kraft

Cheese statue inside Kraft

At the gym I saw someone wearing a cute outfit after they had gotten out of the shower, but I was too nervous to ask to take a picture.  I really need to work on my street style, because I’m getting no where.

Separate solid and liquid waste disposal.  WOW!

Separate solid and liquid waste disposal. WOW!

Separate solid and liquid waste disposal.  WOW!

Separate solid and liquid waste disposal. WOW!

I had somewhere to be right after the gym, so I showered there which is never fun.  I hate the possibility to walk in on someone in  the little changing rooms with no locks, or the chance for someone to walk in on me.  Plus, seeing a bunch of overconfident ladies in the mirror while I’m washing my hands is never fun, (if you know what I mean).


You know that wonderful place that kept me from riding a stationary bike for 2 hours, yah, well that was a picnic.  I think.  Not a sit on the grass with a red and white checkered blanket and basket full of food picnic.  More like a BBQ at my dad’s job.  He works at Kraft, which if you didn’t know makes that food in a box.  Sorry, that’s pretty much everything people eat nowadays.  Let me narrow it down a little.

Statue outside of Kraft

Statue outside of Kraft

They own…

  • Planters company(nuts)
  • Oscar Mayer (hot dogs)
  • Individually, gross,  pre-packaged cheese slices
  • World-famous macaroni and cheese in a box

They used to own…

  • Nabisco (Chips Ahoy and Oreos)

What a step down!!!

Anyway, that’s just what happened today.  Hope you enjoyed my pictures and OOTD.  I know I had fun taking them.

-XO Style Stalker

Light it Up

Dear Readers,

Technology and fashion are hand in hand.  What?  Yes, technology is now taking over the fashion world, from simple things like laser cutting, to electroluminescent wires donning clothes, to LED lights, to Google Glass.  I love technology, and it’s really cool that designers are using it in an elegant, and gorgeous way.

Laser Cut Dresses

Laser Cut Dresses

We all love Topshop, admit it.  I am no exception.  When I saw these platforms in Teen Vogue I was instantly drawn because, well, they’re platform shoes.  And anyone who has been reading this blog since the beginning know I am obsessed with retro clothing.


While these may look retro that’s definitely not the case.  In fact, they’re far from it.  Every one of these ASHISH X TOPSHOP platform shoes glow.  But they’re not those childish motion sensor Skechers, no, these are totally different.  You can dance the night away, (because who wouldn’t in these shoes), all at the touch of a fingertip.  Literally, move a finger and control these shoes with the remote.



So what do you think?  Are you in love with these shoes, or has glow in the dark gone way too far?


Style Stalker

All Spangled and Sparkly

Chere Readers, I lose my sunglasses every summer.  So I just buy cheap disposable ones every year, and get over the loss of my beloved glasses with a single tear rolling down the cheek.  No, but I really do lose my sunglasses every summer.  But I got to thinking, is there any sunglasses I like so much I’d never put them down?!?!?  Even though I’m practically blind without my normal glasses. Well, it turns out there is some glasses I really do like, Spangled Brand’s.  Let’s go back to 3rd grade where everyone says ‘like like’ meaning love.  I ‘like like’ these sunglasses.  They’re quirky, fun, colorful, and I’d be the center of attention at school wearing them.  Not that I like being the center of attention, but I love when people take note of what I wear.  And there’s no way anyone wouldn’t notice these glasses. vogue_multi2 tassel_gold These glasses are so colorful, and spangled.  Hahaha, very funny play on words, I’m soooo clever aren’t I?  These glasses definitely aren’t for everyone.  Truthfully I’d grow out of them sometime, even though I’m definitely a kid at heart.  But I can enjoy these glasses for now, especially if someone buys me these glasses *wink wink.*  Or if I buy it myself, since they’re not the most expensive sunglasses in the world.  They’re actually a really good price for sunglasses so cool.   lottie_flowers kigu_blue_tiger LOOK AT THOSE GLASSES!  Really look at them.  There’s a big cat, cougar maybe? colorful roses, gum drop like gems, and a more grown up version of those rhinestone you played with as a little girl.  Remember when you walked around in those dress up stuff, making tiaras and wands, while playing in your fake kitchen.  But back to the glasses, how often do you see anything like these? EH_SJ-Stylee_Headshot_225_smaller  babybrontogreen_to_post_copy After taking about a thousand looks at each picture, I decided unless someone decides to be REALLY nice to me, no one is going to buy me these extraordinary glasses.  My mom probably thinks they’re crazy and weird, my dad, unreasonable, and everyone else just plain crazy as well.  But I can still admire them from a distance, as I decide whether or not to buy these glasses.  Or wait for them to arrive in the mail, as a gift for winning an award at school.   cat0171 The fun doesn’t stop there.  They have a ton of crazy prints, patterns, and other funky things.  I’m glad I discovered this new brand, but I have a problem with it.  I CAN”T  DECIDE WHICH GLASSES I WANT!  Ahh…..  The sacrifices you make when finding a new cool brand.

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker