Summer Night In: Create, Read, Apply, and Wear


I was reading one of my favorite blogs and I saw a post that was really cool and fun to read as a viewer and a blogger.  It seemed like a lot of fun, but finding the time to do it was very hard.  I know it’s summer and I should have all the time in the world, but I just don’t.  Anyway, the post was a “Girls’/Summer Night In,”  which could easily be a tag, as it’s very fun to do and customize.  So I present to you…  My summer night in!


To Wear: PJ Top (Forever 21 Girls)//PJ Bottoms (xhilaration)

While I’m rocking out to some of my favorite songs I like to be nice and comfortable so I put on my loosest attire… Pajamas!  The shirt is not actually from Los Angeles, though I have been there, and I miss the hot weather.  It’s actually a really loose t-shirt. Cute, right?  The pants are absolutely adorable, I mean come on, there’s polka dots.  Plus, they’re cotton, so it’s perfect for cooler summer nights.



To Apply: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser//3-in-1 Acne Treatment//Acne Defense Face Lotion//Oil-Free Moisture//Power-Cream Wash//Baby Lips Sunscreen//EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm

I have quite an intense skin care routine.  It involves quite a variety of masks, moisturizers, facial washes, lotions, and lip balms.  Right now I really like the Baby Lips Sunscreen Chap Sticks.  They’re perfect for the pool.  But when I’m not using that I’ve been loving my EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm.  Trust me, they may be expensive, but they’re worth every penny.  To keep my face soft and acne free I really enjoy the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Set.  It really does do everything it says.




To Do: Strathmore Sketchbook//Sharpie Fine Point//Bic Mark It Ultra Fine Point

I’ve been seeing these quote/lyric art pictures all over the internet now, and I decided to try some of my own.  I used my fancy smancy sketchbook from Christmas, and used the words from songs I’ve been loving.  And of course, you can’t use just any markers.  I had to use my favorite Bic markers.  They have a super thin point, perfect for drawing and outlining, making them my favorite markers ever.  And when I get tired of that I like to use transparent pictures and banners from Tumblr to make collages.  That’s how I made my header and the picture above.


 To Read: The Fabulous Girls’ Book//Twelve O’ Clocke

I’ve always loved this book, even though I got it for Christmas when I was younger.  Maybe 2 or 3 years ago.  It has a bunch of DIYs, crafts, style tips, and advice.  It’s a fun read if you’re looking for something to do on a lazy Sunday.  It even has projects for a girls’ night in.  But if I’m not in a book reading mood, I like to read blogs.  Particularly Gabrielle Noone’s Twelve O’ Clocke.  It’s what inspired me to start embroidering.  If you’d like to see a post about that, comment below.

See you soon!





6 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Fashion Sucess (Forever 21+H&M Jewlery Haul)

Forever 21+H&M

As of yesterday it became official I was addicted to shopping.  Especially online shopping.  The only downside is my secret stash of money is quickly disappearing.  Being fashionable is so hard, *wink* there are so many sacrifices one must make to achieve utter stylishness.  I happened to go to H&M and Forever 21 before I went to the gym today, so I got a few things…  Okay, maybe more than a few.






Mustache Comb Necklace:  This is actually really simple, but I don’t have many silver necklaces.  Plus it came in a set with the jeweled lips necklace for $7.95, which is a pretty good price for 2 necklaces.

Jeweled Lips Necklace:  I like this because it’s weird.  No one else is ever going to find this piece, and if they do, they’re not going to buy it.  I’ll stand out at school, which is always a good thing.  I kind of think it’s great for Valentines Day, and would work with these outfits I created for the occasion.

Pearl and Flower Ring:  Once again another weird piece, which was kind of my goal.  That and buying the entire clearance section of H&M.  Only one of these was a success.  At first I didn’t even want this piece.  I had found a double ring that said LOVE, but it was too small.  And I had already gotten a ring stuck on my finger that day.

Pearl Bow Ring:  This one was a gift from my mom.  I was only looking at the clearance jewelry, you know I’m on a tight budget and all.  She asked me if I saw anything else, and I did, I just wasn’t willing to pay for it.  Anyway, I found this ring which I genuinely did like, and while not super crazy, still pretty and original.

Underground Neon NecklaceApparently neon clothing is very popular as shown in my neon in the winter OOTD.  I thought I’d take it a step further and get some neon jewelry.  The only downside is I have to layer this because it’s so long.  More sacrifices.

Set Sail Pendant NecklaceI saw this and instantly knew I had to have it.  Pendant necklaces aren’t generally wacky, but I liked this and can’t wait to wear it.  Probably for the 4th of July.

“Stressed” is Just “Desserts” Spelled Backwards

Chere Readers,

After a trip to the aquarium, I spent many hours shopping, but not by choice.  It’s not like I’m complaining about clothes, but some stores were quite boring to go into.  I did happen however to get some new clothes from Forever 21 for the spring and summer months.  But wait!  There’s more!  I got to purchase a LUSHious organic ‘beauty product’ *Cough bath bomb cough* from…  You guessed it LUSH.

05166 03616

Everything in the store looks like food.  I’m not kidding, at first I thought I walked into some sort of candy shop or bakery.  From the bath bombs to the soap everything looks just delicious.  But looks can be quite deceiving, especially the soaps.  But the beauty doesn’t stop there.  Most of the products smell REALLY good, no exaggeration.  Especially the bath bomb I purchased which smells like candy.  Just don’t sniff too hard, unless you want to be sneezing out colorful powder for a few minutes.


Everyone there tries to get you to buy something, and even the must stubborn unwilling to purchase anything there people *Wink Wink Dad* often end up amazing you with demonstrations, and free samples.  So if you’re getting tired of the cliché Bath and Body Works collections, why not hope over to Lush for a healthier alternative for Earth Day.


Au Revoir,

Style Stalker

P.S.  These products will definitely cure stress!  Possible review with my pictures coming soon!

Buy the:  Carrot Bubble Bath, Butterball Bath Bomb, Figs and Leaves Soap Bar, Dr. Peppermint Shampoo Bar

Bargain Bin

Chere Readers,

As promised I have started a collection of posts called The Bargain Bin.  I quote myself from an earlier post, “And I came up with a marvelous idea today, one quite fun, and helpful to you. The Bargain Bin. Basically I go on some of my favorite stores’ websites, and comb through their most magnificent sale pieces, tossing them into the bargain bin. Well, a virtual bargain bin anyway. And yes, the Lauren Conrad series will continue. It will be up tomorrow or Saturday. So look forward to that, because you know you all fancy it.”  So here it is:

Nasty Gal


I am taking a liking to these shiny glamorous skinny jeans.  This one bold piece makes the whole outfit seems so put together.


Skater skirts are always great.  But when you add floral prints to them it gets amazing.  Glamorous.  Divine.  Should I go on?

Kate Spade


This is a classic nerdy skirt.  I can picture the sweater and nerdy glasses.  And of course, you must have ballet flats.


It’s polka dot.  It’s pink.  It’s Kate Spade.  You know me.  Is there much more to say?

Forever 21


I’m addicted to high waisted shorts.  It’s once of my favorite trends from last year.  And I’m quite fond of vertically striped bottoms.


I really like this tight fitted knit sweater skirt.  I can’t explain why.  I’d  sound ridiculous if I tried.  Just take my word for it, I’m adoring this.



I’m quite a fan of floral prints. And when you put them on skirts, I guess my fangirling gets a little out of hand. It’s been happening a lot lately since I’ve started this blog.


I’m a fan of moto jackets.  They’re not necessarily girly.  But I don’t always dress like that.  I have many different styles of clothing.  The neutral colors, fabrics, and cut makes it to die for.

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker