Steal her Style Ariana Grande pt. 2

Last summer I was introduced to a darling little site called ‘Steal her Style.’  It’s pretty much what’d you’d expect, so there’s no need to explain.  But it’s really fun to look at when you’re crushing on a celebrities wardrobe.

That’s when Ariana Grande comes in.  While she also has some ridiculously crazy outfits, which celebrities don’t?  But most of the time her clothes are actually quite cute.  So, I tried to pick out some pictures you can actually try to recreate.  Not her footy pajamas ( which you should honestly never wear out the house), and other things like that.


All photos came from Steal her Style.  I don’t own any of the pictures above or below.

Ariana has somewhat lost the nerdy style she had last summer, but she’s a LOT more famous now, so it make sense.  I really do love the dress, which seems just a teeny weeny bit geeky, and the simplicity, yet creativeness of this outfit.


Usually I’ve been told to never wear all black.  I do it anyway, but usually I add colorful jewelry to tone it down.  Or is it up?  Back to the point, I didn’t think it was possible to look girly in all black, but apparently it is.


Instead of nerdy, I think Ariana Grande has a more vintage/retro style going on.  In black and white this whole thing seems to be happening in the poodle skirt time period. And if you know even the slightest things about me, you’d know I love and cannot resist polka dots.  So that pretty much explains just about everything.


Once again, more nostalgia for me.  I’ve always loved platform boots, but I would have never thought of wearing it with a sweater.  Let alone a sweater dress.  But I guess that’s Ariana Grande for you.  She must think pants are over-rated.


This shirt is perfect for me.  If you ask anyone I know, you’d find out that I almost never stop talking.  But if  had to give out 2nd place to nything in the outfit, it would have to be the bag.  I’d like it more in a darker pink color, instead of the almost cream, but overall it’s a really nice bag which would fit all the many things I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO CARRY AROUND;)

-XO Style Stalker

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker


3 Chic Ways to Dress for Valentines Day

Chere Readers,

Some readers may feel no need to dress in any special way, on the day that is known as Valentines day.  I can’t dress all that fancy.  Where I live I might freeze wearing some of these looks.

But for those of you with what you who live in semi-warm places during the middle of February, I have  been a dear and prepared something wonderfully helpful for those frantic about what to wear.  Voila!  Three Polyvore sets to help you through it.


Valentines Day Love

Pair a casual white tee with your cutest red skirt (preferably polka dots)  and  your most darling heart jewelry.  To tone down this outfit add a neutral white cross body (any type of white bag is fine though).  Top it all off with a some nerdy glasses.  Oh…  And maybe a statement heart headband.

Be Mine Valentine

If you’re not a fan of all that red and frills, and overall just plain girly-ness.  I’d grab a black handbag/cross body/tote (you get the point) with matching flats.  You’ll need to make this outfit not so boring now.  So get your brightest red skinny jeans (pink is divine too).  But don’t forget the white shirt with black polka dots!  Everyone knows I’m obsessed with polka dots now, so why not?  Top it all off with a gold chain bracelet, for a day at work or school.  Make sure to remember those Valentines you know you secretly still give out, (to those close to you of course).   And that secret admirer note you slip in that “special someone’s locker.


Love is in the Air

Alert!  Alert!  This involves the art of being a geek!  Pair a white graphic tee and a red and white cardigan (maybe even…. well, you know what goes there).  I added a black pair of these marvelous shoes and dark jeans. Nerdy glasses looked nice with the nerdy cardigan so why not?  And of course it’s Valentines day (theoretically), so flowers galore!


I hope you have a wonderful valentines day!  Comment down below which look you like best.  Or tell us if you have an unhealthy obsession with polka too. (We won’t judge).  And if you wear something like this leave a link to the picture down below.

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker

Whimsically Vintage

Chere Readers,

You may all be waiting for my divine Lessons from Lauren post. But don’t fret my darling readers, that is coming up soon. Perhaps even on this marvelous day! But I feel I shouldn’t disclose such desired information. I must keep you fancy people waiting, eager for more. It is my insurance you will come back.

But alas, all is not lost! I am here to share with you the best and latest information about the Pre-Fall 2014 shows. I’m planning to collect  my favorite looks from some collections. You know, since all looks were less than fabulous. I will do one post every day of the week. And perhaps even more than one a day. You will never know with the mysterious figure you know as Style Stalker, will you?

Let the obsession begin:

I adore anything with polka dots.  They’re one of the most divine prints ever created by any designer.  So of course I had to love this.  The silhouette seems so vintage and classy, which I sort of fancy.  And the shoes, oh the shoes, they’re so vintage and classic.  Can anybody find me a pair of these gorgeous shoes?


I’m quite a sucker for varsity jackets. Just like combat boots(which I happened to just get) I love everything about them. So of course I was grinning at this whimsical new take on the already magnificent creation know as the varsity jacket. I love the colors, the detail, the sleeve material. Everything is just divine.


There’s quite a lot of vintage obsession happening here. I just adore the Alice + Olivia collection because of this. And the polka dots. I think we’ve all established I love the more than fabulous invention of polka dots. I really love how small and big polka dots look together. And the shrug with the dress, the silhouette, it’s just so vintage.


I adore the vintage, nerdy, with a splash of modern feel this while collection has. It’s so perfect. The splash of color with the alligator clutch was a good way to add some elegant “today trends,” to this otherwise old school piece. There’s oversized bow. And I love oversized bows. I truly hope they become more common focus points in the world of fashion.


I love the ballerina like feel to this dress. The dark black beadwork and embellishment blending with the frilly frou frou. While such different styles, they seem quite coherent.
It’s just so beautiful and whimsical and fabulous.


Au Revoir,

Style Stalker