Summer Night In: Create, Read, Apply, and Wear


I was reading one of my favorite blogs and I saw a post that was really cool and fun to read as a viewer and a blogger.  It seemed like a lot of fun, but finding the time to do it was very hard.  I know it’s summer and I should have all the time in the world, but I just don’t.  Anyway, the post was a “Girls’/Summer Night In,”  which could easily be a tag, as it’s very fun to do and customize.  So I present to you…  My summer night in!


To Wear: PJ Top (Forever 21 Girls)//PJ Bottoms (xhilaration)

While I’m rocking out to some of my favorite songs I like to be nice and comfortable so I put on my loosest attire… Pajamas!  The shirt is not actually from Los Angeles, though I have been there, and I miss the hot weather.  It’s actually a really loose t-shirt. Cute, right?  The pants are absolutely adorable, I mean come on, there’s polka dots.  Plus, they’re cotton, so it’s perfect for cooler summer nights.



To Apply: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser//3-in-1 Acne Treatment//Acne Defense Face Lotion//Oil-Free Moisture//Power-Cream Wash//Baby Lips Sunscreen//EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm

I have quite an intense skin care routine.  It involves quite a variety of masks, moisturizers, facial washes, lotions, and lip balms.  Right now I really like the Baby Lips Sunscreen Chap Sticks.  They’re perfect for the pool.  But when I’m not using that I’ve been loving my EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm.  Trust me, they may be expensive, but they’re worth every penny.  To keep my face soft and acne free I really enjoy the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Set.  It really does do everything it says.




To Do: Strathmore Sketchbook//Sharpie Fine Point//Bic Mark It Ultra Fine Point

I’ve been seeing these quote/lyric art pictures all over the internet now, and I decided to try some of my own.  I used my fancy smancy sketchbook from Christmas, and used the words from songs I’ve been loving.  And of course, you can’t use just any markers.  I had to use my favorite Bic markers.  They have a super thin point, perfect for drawing and outlining, making them my favorite markers ever.  And when I get tired of that I like to use transparent pictures and banners from Tumblr to make collages.  That’s how I made my header and the picture above.


 To Read: The Fabulous Girls’ Book//Twelve O’ Clocke

I’ve always loved this book, even though I got it for Christmas when I was younger.  Maybe 2 or 3 years ago.  It has a bunch of DIYs, crafts, style tips, and advice.  It’s a fun read if you’re looking for something to do on a lazy Sunday.  It even has projects for a girls’ night in.  But if I’m not in a book reading mood, I like to read blogs.  Particularly Gabrielle Noone’s Twelve O’ Clocke.  It’s what inspired me to start embroidering.  If you’d like to see a post about that, comment below.

See you soon!






Blazers for All Budgets

Chere Readers,

Currently I have no blazers in my closet.  I realize this is a bit of a fashion crisis,  but I thought I might not be the only one.  So I decided to show you four different chic options for blazers for all budgets.  One from H&M, one from Target, one from Gap, and one from J. Crew.

H&M has cute stuff for a great price.  This polka dot blazer *sighs*  (I’m so predictable)] is super stylish, and only cost $14.95 as of right now!

hmprod (2)

Target is one of my favorite stores. The brand collaborations are always great.  But I love the journals and the dollar section.  Just a random tidbit about me.  But that’s off topic, this mahogany-like color blazer reminds me of school uniforms.  It’s runner up for the cheapest at $29.99, a great steal.


Taking it back to the basics is a plain grey blazer with a lighter grey lining from Gap.  Very simple and classy.   There’s only one flaw.  It’s $98.  But if you buy online before the sale ends (2/11) you can get 25% off your entire purchase.


And what you’ve all been waiting for the most expensive blazer of all.  The one from J. Crew.  This classic schoolboy blazer is a whopping $158.  And that’s after the price has been reduced.   Wowzers!



Hope you enjoyed this post.  Let us know which blazer you would buy or are going to buy in the comments.

Au Revoir,

Style Stalker


Smash Booking: Easy Scrapbooking

Dear Readers,

I quite enjoy paper art.  While this is not fashion related I have decided to post whatever I feel, almost like a magazine.  So when I saw people Smash booking on the internet I was automatically interested.  I love watching people’s processes on YouTube..  And I really liked watching the completed Smash books of other people.  At first I tried to make my own Smash book, because they were $15,  but I could find a sturdy way to bind it.  The binder rings just weren’t working.  So when the Smash books went on sale I bought two of them.  But when I got home I couldn’t bring myself to cover up the pretty paper.  So I gave the Smash books to my sisters and gave up on the Smash booking for a while.  But I needed a project to take on.  So I went down to my basement and found a nicely sized sketchbook.  As I added my Memorabilia I cover the pages with wrapping paper and the neon paper I had from an old paper pad.  I have finally gotten the Smash booking down, it’s actually quite fun.  And yesterday I went to Target and bought some embellishments.  Basically I got some mustache stickers, and butterfly stickers.  And 6 glue sticks.(Smashing requires a lot of glue.  The Smash pen is NOT ENOGUH!  In fact, mine is empty.)    If you don’t want to buy ANYTHING for your Smash book you can find a wonderful collection of free smash book pintables, using that search term.  I’ve decided to make a flip through video (of my Smash book) for you and upload it later on today.  So for now, some pictures and videos:


Au Revoir,

Style Stalker